How it works?

Step 1

Regarding your job description, you need to choose a set of technologies to build a test.

Step 2

Scorify will automatically select a combination of problem to solve to the candidates. You can at any time modify the selection made by the system and choose other problems if needed

Step 3

Add you candidates to the test session. You can use the built-in import tool to import your candidate’s contacts to scorify.

Step 4

Candidates will receive individual invitation mail.  Each candidate connects toScorify and start solving the selected set of problems. Solutions are compiled and executed in real time. Metrics are gathered regarding the candidates performance.

Step 5

Recruiters have a private access to a dashboard to analyzes candidate performances, reviews their code and generate performance report.


Identify the best engineers from the mass!

Scorify is an automated test platform designed for IT Hiring managers to identify good developers throw real coding.